About Me

The short version:

I’m a twenty-something aspiring writer who likes to study dead languages when I need a break from making stuff up. I travel a ton, write even more, and detest avocados.

The longer version:

cropped-img_0365.jpgI first started making stuff up when I was looking for a way to break into the conversation at my 4th grade lunch table. At first I told ghost stories; my favorite being the one about a cheese warehouse that ate anyone who dared cross its doors. In 7th grade I upgraded to high fantasy and drew my first-ever world map on the back of my algebra homework. That world remained a dream until I took a very long train ride in high school and had nothing better to do than try to actually write my stories down. Since then, I’ve completed the first book in a steampunk fantasy trilogy and am 90% through with a sci-fi novel. I am hoping to publish my first work by the end of next year.

Besides writing, I am way too passionate about the ancient Mediterranean and can talk for an obscene amount of time about why Arthur Evans was a cool dude and why Latin is far less annoying than Greek. I live in the midwest US but try to spend as little time there as I possibly can. When I’m not writing, I like to do jigsaw puzzles while binge-watching Star Trek, cook yummy-smelling things, and knit really big blankets.